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TRIAMED  Orthopedic Technology. 

TRIAMED was founded in 2006 in Timisoara, Romania and its main domain of activity is the production and distribution of orthopedic products.

In 2006 the company began its activity as a producer of custom-made orthopedic devices. Two years later we decided to mass-produce textile orthoses and walking aids.

It has been a difficult beginning filled with challenges and obstacles in the developing market of the medical industry.

Today, 13 years later, on a stable Romanian market and a road of permanent research and development of both orthopedic products and our relationship with clients, partners, doctors and patients, our position is well-defined.

The search for excellence is at the core of all we have done and do every day, wishing to create and to venture into the unknown with an unyielding dedication to craft the very best products.

We are challenged every day to find new models and solutions to fit every need. Constantly crossing limitations has become our way of life. Because of this, TRIAMED will always be your partner in communication, understanding and development.

We thank all those who have supported and promoted us, believed in us and our products. You have helped us with your feedback, prompting us to be the best!

Thus, TRIAMED has become the leader of the Romanian market and an important exporter on the European scene.
We thank our clients and partners and together... we go forward!


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